Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What is the Responsible Dog Ownership Program you ask? The responsible dog ownership program are classes offered by the Town's of Islip and Huntington on Long Island, NY, to it's residents for FREE! That's right. No catch or gimmicks here, just our local town governments doing a wonderful thing! I created this program out of frustration of meeting dog owners on a daily basis who simply didn't know better, have not had any education about dogs, or just needed help - and had no where to turn. Each one-time class, covers topics including but not limited to, puppy and dog behavior; training advice, techniques and tools; dog bite prevention; children and dogs; dog park etiquette; health and well being; and New York State dog laws. These classes were designed for human participation only. Why? Because dog training and education is not just about teaching your dog a new trick, but teaching dog owners how to properly care for, train, handle, work with and take care of their dogs. Classes are small in size, no more than 25 people, so each participant can ask the trainers, myself or veterinarian questions about their dogs, behaviors, health, etc. So your dog stays home and you and your family come to learn! Since March of 2008 we have reached over 500 people in this program, and each class has been full with people ranging in age from 10 years old to 80+! People who have considered giving up their dog due to a behavioral problem or not knowing how to train or correct the problem, have come to the class and I am happy to report are still working with their dogs! We also have goodie bags for each participant loaded with treats, toys and informational items for you and your dog. And free raffle prizes donated by CanineGenius, Invisible Fence Brand and more! What more could you ask for?